Atherton Tablelands, Eureka Creek Free Camp

We stayed at the Eureka Creek Free Camp in the Atherton Tablelands for 3 nights and this for me was one of my favourite stops. Very picturesque and both the campers and locals were so friendly. I could have stayed there for a few more days easily, but we had to get moving onto our next stop.

We stayed at the free camp in Eureka Creek mainly to meet up with some friends who we had met and become friends with whilst traveling these past few months. This, along with the lovely walk down through the farms, made Eureka Creek worth a stop. 

The last night we were there another couple of friends joined us and we all sat around the fire until late, of course with a few drinks, just chatting away. We all had such a nice evening together. Even Ava stayed up with us all until 10pm before convincing her it was bedtime. As expected, it didn’t take long for her to actually fall asleep once she was in bed!

The Beautiful Scenery at Eureka Creek, Atherton Tablelands

When we were driving through the Atherton tablelands from Atherton town to the Eureka Creek free camp, you can already see how beautiful your surroundings are going to be. From the well-maintained farms, to the lovely mountains in the distance, the views are so tranquil.


Once we arrived at Eureka Creek Free camp, we went for an afternoon walk. We followed the road over the bridge and up to the farms and followed the quiet road through the fields. It was so quiet and peaceful. Walking through the farms with the mountains surrounding you all around in the distance was a view that was new to me!


We felt safe with Ava walking with us there too as the road is so quiet and only the very occasional farming vehicle seemed to use it. There were a few dogs that live there too. Only one seemed a bit off-ish. He was on a long lead and barks at anyone that walked past. The others would occasionally say hello and were really friendly.


Friends with Buddy the dog

After that initial walk, we wondered the same direction every day to get our steps up. On one of the days, we met a dog named Buddy. He looked like a Collie mix. Beautiful black and white dog who we all fell in love with. I’m not a huge dog person but he was particularly lovely. We played fetch with him for a few minutes and Ava also enjoyed throwing the stick for him. Then he didn’t seem to want to go home!


He followed us all the way back to the main road towards Eureka Creek and showed no signs of turning back! He wanted to follow us back to the free camp. So, luckily enough he had a number on his collar which we were able to call, and his owner (the farmer) came and collected him on his buggy.

We were all a little upset that we had to say goodbye to Buddy as he really was such a lovely dog. His owner explained that he loves children. He often plays with the family’s grandchildren and this is likely why he followed us for so long, as we had Ava. The farmer thanked us and off he went back home.


Eureka Creek Free Camp

The campsite itself isn’t really anything too special. It has no facilities and is very close to the road. The road is a very quiet road so doesn’t get a lot of traffic but it’s quite a fast road. On the first night, we accidentally left the window next to our heads open. So, we did hear a few trucks in the early morning.

The sunsets are very beautiful here. To sit out of an evening and watch the sunset was amazing. We were never disappointed.


This free camp in the Atherton tablelands is a good size grassy site, so you can park closer to the back to be further away from the road. This is what we did and faced the caravan away from the road and told Ava she wasn’t allowed behind the van.

We have spent quite a lot of time trying to teach Ava not to go out of sight as she does like to speak to everyone she sees. We love the fact she is so sociable; She just needs to learn to let us know where she is going!


As I said, there really is no facilities. Even the water in the creek isn’t overly clear, but that didn’t stop us having a really lovely time.

The ‘Be Happy’ Rock

One afternoon after our walk, Richard went outside to find a painted rock under our table. One side had a painting of a bumble bee and the words ‘be happy’ and on the other side it says to ‘either keep or hide again’. We are still not too sure who put it there, it could only really have been one of our immediate neighbours when we arrived, but no one told us.


Richard put it back for Ava to find as rocks are one of her favourite things to find when she is out and about. She was over the moon with it when she did find it! It had already made it’s way from Cairns, so we have decided to hold onto it until we are in either SA or WA. We will hide it somewhere there for another child to find.

This was such a lovely idea. I’ve even considered doing some rock painting with Ava, she would love it.


Ava scared us all

Ava and our travelling friends, who introduced themselves to her as Grandma and Grandad, played together all day when we were with them. From playing football, to grinding more coffee beans. Ava absolutely loved spending time with them. You can tell they’re used to spending lots of time with all their grandchildren.

Ava and Grandad were playing football when Ava fell to the floor screaming. Poor Grandad was a bit shocked, just like the rest of us. He scooped her up and popped her on the chair and we noticed she had run onto a whole pile of “spiky things” that had fallen from a nearby tree. They had gone into both feet, and she must easily have had 20 of these things in her feet.


So, we got to work, I held her tight whilst she was fighting not to let us touch them and Grandad pulled them all out one by one. I have to say, we have all had one in our foot at some point and even just the one really hurts, so I’m not surprised she was a bit hysterical.

The lesson was learnt, she didn’t leave the awning mat without her shoes again! Well, for the rest of that day anyway!


We would definitely stay at the Eureka Creek Free Camp, Atherton tablelands if we head that way again. For us, the scenery and friendliness of the area was worth so much more than not having facilities there. We all, including Ava had a lovely time there. This was of course somewhat influenced by having our friends there too. We would have had a nice time no matter where we were. We all enjoy walking so the lovely walks through the farms certainly left an impression.


‘til next time…

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