Babinda Boulders and Free Camping Area

The Babinda Boulders is a lovely place to visit for a day trip or even a few days as there is a Babinda Boulders Camp Area – which is a free camp. Babinda is located just south of Cairns and the road is Bitumen all the way so easy to access in any vehicle. Plus, not far from the highway. The Babinda Boulders camp area is located less than 5 minutes walk from the Babinda Boulders.

There is a carpark at the entrance of the Babinda Boulders and around that carpark are picnic tables, BBQ’s, changing rooms and toilets. There is also a children’s park there, which makes it a great lunch stop for kids! Certainly for Ava!

As you enter the Boulders site, there are a few plaques where you can read the aboriginal history of what happened there. It is believed the area is haunted by an aboriginal lady who fell in love with a man from another mob. It’s definitely worth a read if you’re interested in history!

The Babinda Boulders Swim Hole

The Babinda Boulders consists of a swim hole and 2 lookouts, Devils pool lookout and Boulders Gorge lookout. We started off at the swim hole which, for us, was probably a bit of a mistake. As expected, the water was so cold, I didn’t think any of us would want to swim. However, that was far from what happened. We arrived and Ava insisted on swimming despite not having any bathers, so she stripped right off with the intention of getting in naked! After spending more than enough time convincing her to put her undies back on, we did let her in to swim for a bit!

At the Babinda Boulders swim hole there is an area which is quite shallow, but it does get deep quickly so you do need to watch little ones quite closely. In the shallow area the floor is quite sandy and comfortable to walk on. Ava had a fab time playing in there. So much so it was hard work getting her back out.


Devils Pool Lookout and Babinda Gorge Lookout

After spending some time at the swim hole, we went for the walk up to the Babinda Gorge Lookout. It’s a hilly walk but it’s not far. The walk to the lookout is not wheelchair or pushchair accessible at all. (The swim hole, however, is accessible). Took us around 15 / 20 minutes with our 3 year old in tow. The edge of the path on the walk in some places can be a little ‘cliff edge like’ so we were very clear to Ava she couldn’t run off and needed to hold our hand. She did fall over a couple of times as the ground isn’t completely level either.

About halfway to the Babinda Gorge lookout, there is another lookout called Devils pool lookout. There were people also swimming there, I wouldn’t recommend taking little ones there to swim as the water is flowing, so it’s of course more dangerous. It is a beautiful view, so be sure to take your camera!

The Babinda Gorge lookout has a well designed platform with railings so it’s very safe. It really is a beautiful spot to view the Babinda Gorge. To the right you can see the water flowing down over the boulders and on the left it’s a beautiful view of the rainforest with the water flowing through. We had really good weather the day we went. Around 27 degrees and being in the rainforest the trees act as fantastic shades!


Babinda Boulders Camp Area

The Babinda Boulders Camp Area has to be one of the easiest sites we have parked up so far! It’s a big circle that you can drive all the way round. The sites are on the outside of the circle and are very large sites. Generally, you’ll share each site with another couple of campers. Our site would easily have accommodated 2 or even a small third!

The sites are very shaded with trees, which wasn’t so good for our solar on the van. However, there is a section which was nice and sunny, but these were spaces suitable for tents.

We only stayed here for 1 night on our way through to Cairns but it is a place we will very likely stop at again – possibly on the way back south. The maximum stay is 3 nights so people do come and go relatively often. However, if you want a space, especially in a caravan or some other large vehicle, you must get there early! We arrived at 11am and we got one of the last couple spaces.

Friendly atmosphere at Babinda Boulders Camping Area

We met another couple of families with children which was great for Ava, she had a blast going round and round on her scooter with one of the boys. All the adults gathered for a few hours in the afternoon for a social chat which was lovely. The Babinda Boulders Camp Area just had a really nice, chilled and friendly atmosphere. Highly recommend!

There are some very good amenities there. The Babinda Boulders Camp Area has showers! Yes, they are cold. But they are showers! They also have toilets and bins. All in a building in the centre of the circle. Very accessible for everyone there!

Thank you so much for reading my blog on Babinda Boulders, and Babinda Boulders Camp Area. We had a fantastic stay (even if it was just for 1 night) and would highly recommend to anyone thinking of going. Both the Boulders Gorge lookout and the Devils Pool lookout were really worth the trip and I think Ava would agree the Swim hole was a great place to cool off!

Google Maps to Babinda Boulders Free Camp

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