Behana Gorge Road to Clamshell Falls

Clamshell Falls, located less than 40km South of Cairns, was a perfect start to the day we had planned. The day consisted of the 6km (return) walk from the car park to Clamshell falls and then some time at Josephine Falls in the arvo. Both of these waterfalls are free to visit, so the only cost you have is a bit of fuel! We took ourselves a picnic, knowing there really wasn’t anywhere we could purchase food. Plus, we love a picnic!

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The sun was shining and the walk was awesome. As you walk parallel to the flowing water most of the way, you had a beautiful view. Ava walked all the way there and back! That was such a huge bonus, as it’s not an easy walk by any means!


The walk from Behana gorge road to Clamshell Falls

The walk down Behana Gorge road to Clamshell falls is a 6km return trip. It starts from the car park, which can accomodate about 10 cars. Not the easiest of walks as it was at a constant incline with some fairly steep sections. It’s all bitumen so accessible to wheelchair and pushchair users, however just be aware of the up-hill challenge! You’ll also be pleased to know a lot of the walk is shaded. We actually completed this walk mid-morning on a hot day, and we all survived. We just wish we took some extra water with us!


It was a rather quiet walk for us as we were one of two or three cars parked there and only saw a couple of other people on the way up. We did pass a few more on the way down which was around lunch time so they were certainly setting themselves up for a walk in the hotter part of the day! We even had a couple of joggers jog past us! Yes, that was rather impressive!


Almost the whole walk was parallel to the flowing water and occasionally you’d come across some lovely viewpoints along the way. The main viewpoint on route had an enclosed fence, although you did have to climb a few rocks to get to it. So, not fully accessible to everyone.

Keeping Ava holding our hand whilst we were walking along the path with cliff edges appeared to be a bit of a challenge. Ava just loves to run about and burn the excess amounts of energy she has, which would be great for later on at bedtime, but not so good when we want to keep her safe and hold her hand!


Cascading water

As we were walking up to Clamshell Falls, people commented on how well Ava was doing, walking so far up a hilly path to get there! This of course just gave her more motivation to keep going!
From the walking track you can see the water cascading from Clamshell Falls which was very beautiful. A very scenic morning walk.


Finally, we made it to Clamshell Falls!

Wow! What a beautiful view you get from the top of the walking track!


(I absolutely love this photo of us, so please do look past the very wonky waterfall!) 

As you approach the end of the walking track to Clamshell falls, you’ll fins lots of rocks to your left. If you walk down the stones, you get the most amazing view of the falls! I appreciate this is not accessible for everyone.


The three of us including Ava managed to climb down the rocks to have a look and we were so pleased we did.
Some people were swimming in the falls. However, this is not recommended. This is one waterfall that swimming is not advised. The water from the waterfall flows very fast! I personally wouldn’t chance my luck!

What to expect

We really liked Clamshell Falls, not only because of the lovely, challenging walk there! But because it’s not just a waterfall where the water drops from the slab. The water cascades down the rocks into a pool of water before continuing to cascade past you down some more rocks. You’ll be able to see from the photo below just what I mean!


Ava was praised numerous times at the top for making it all the way there by herself at just three and a half! More so, she insisted on wearing her gum boots! We were also quite impressed she made it all the way back to the car too! I always hide her carrier in our rucksack when we go for long walks so she doesn’t know we have it.


Some important information to help plan your day

• There are no facilities. So unfortunately, it’s bush pees only if you need one!
• National park. Lots of fire wood but you can not take any of it as tempting as it is!
• Being a national park, you are also not allowed to take dogs.


Thank you so much for reading my blog on Behana Gorge road to Clamshell Falls. This was probably my favourite waterfall in QLD. More so, because you have a lovely walk to get there, and it becomes a bit of an outing rather than seeing the waterfall from the car! If you ever get the chance, be sure to head down there!


’til next time…

Google Maps link to the Car park on Behana Gorge road where the walking track begins. 


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