Big Millstream Falls and Little Millstream Falls

If you get the chance to include Big and Little Millstream Falls into your day whilst visiting the Atherton tablelands then I strongly suggest you do. These are a couple of very beautiful waterfalls. Along with the Waterfall Circuit. We also spent some time visiting Clamshell Falls and Josephine Falls, which were spectacular. Depends how interested in waterfalls you are!

In this blog I will give you as much information, hints and tips as I can to help you plan your trip to Big and Little Millstream Falls.

@twoandahalfpoms Great part of our waterfall adventure – Little & Big Millstream falls. Probably the best waterfalls we saw in this part of Qld. Check out the blog to find out more 😁 #waterfalls #qld #australia #dayout #millstreamfalls #travel ♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

Little millstream falls

Little Millstream Falls has been one of our favourites of all the waterfalls we have seen so far. We hadn’t planned to visit Little Millstream until we saw the sign off the main road and thought as it’s only a 3km detour, we would check it out. After all, it was a day of sightseeing waterfalls for us.

After turning off the road, we did actually miss the turning to the falls! It wasn’t until we had driven another 5km past the turning we realised we had been driving far too long!


Parking at Little Millstream Falls

The track which takes you to the parking area was a dirt track and rather bumpy but not bad enough to need a 4×4. We did hit a bit of a pothole which wasn’t so good with an already cracked windscreen from a previous flying stone!

The parking area was good because you could park anywhere there was space on what was essentially a bit of a roundabout. Easy to get In and out of and whilst we were there, we were the only ones using it.


Walking track to the Waterfall

The walking track to the falls was cliff edge. We were both a little uncomfortable with Ava walking down by herself. We made sure one of us were holding her hand almost all the way.

The walk to the falls really wasn’t that far from the carpark. From the carpark right to the end I don’t remember being any further than around 1km.

Starting opposite the top of the falls, the walk takes you down towards the bottom. This is where you will find best view of the falls.


View point

You can see little millstream falls from quite early on in the walk. However, the best view as I said above is from the bottom. Towards the end of the walk the track turns very muddy and quite steep. If it has been raining recently then you may find this part quite slippery.

This is the best spot to view the falls. Plus, if you fancy a swim this is where you would access the swim hole.


Little Millstream Falls

Little Millstream Falls is still one of our favourite spots. There are a few falls cascading around the rocks which looks stunning. It’s a view you won’t get bored of. It is just a shame the viewpoint isn’t big or stable enough to comfortably sit for a while. You’re essentially just stood on the end if a rock. There are also no facilities here so plan your trip wisely!


Big Millstream Falls

Big Millstream Falls was the waterfall we had initially planned to visit. Little Millstream wasn’t even in the picture until we drove past the sign, as I said above. As much as Big Millstream was very beautiful and accessible, we are both so glad we stopped and squeezed Little Millstream into our day.

Overall, this Big Millstream was better for facilities and accessibility. Ava was  getting quite tired by the time we got to this final stop so ended up in our Tula carrier for a bit of the walk!


The walk to the waterfall

The walk to see the falls is all bitumen. However, it is a bit hilly.

As you walk down, the path is wide enough, but you are next to a cliff edge. I was somewhat pleased Ava wanted to be carried for this one. She was getting too tired to want to hold our hands. So, this just took any messing around out of the equation!

You can see the waterfall almost the whole walk (Less than 1km return) and at the end you come to a viewing platform which is the best place to spend a few minutes looking at the waterfall. There is no swim hole here. Just a very picturesque view.


Parking and facilities at Big Millstream Falls

The parking here was fantastic. The car park was large and could fit more cars than I think it will ever need. We were only one of maybe three cars parked at the time too.

There is a toilet block there which was clean and tidy. A typical outback set of flushing toilets. On the outside of the amenities, you’ll also find yourself a non-potable water tap.

Also located around the carpark were picnic tables with shade. So, this is a very good contender if you are looking for a lunchtime stop!

The carpark is also used by people who are doing the WW2 heritage walk. The walk starts from the carpark.

Big Millstream Falls

The waterfall is huge. It’s rather impressive. Standing on the viewing platform you are still high enough to see the water running down before it falls over the slab end.

Check out the photo below and you yourself can see how spectacular it is.


If you get the time to visit, Big Millstream falls is well worth the stop. Planning it into your day around lunch time with all the facilities would be my recommendation!

Just before you reach The Big Millstream Falls car park, there is a 4×4 track to the ‘army pools’. We did take a quick look but we were very tired after a long day that we didn’t really stop. I can say, you absolutely do need to be in a 4×4. At one stage we thought we were going to bump the front of the Hilux. Luckily, we got both there and back just fine!

Thank you for reading my blog Big Millstream Falls and Little Millstream Falls. I hope it has given you all the information you need to plan your day out to the waterfalls!

’til next time…

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