Cooktown Botanic Gardens and Finch Bay

The Cooktown botanic gardens and Finch Bay are such lovely places to visit and as a bonus you can walk from one to the other in about 15 minutes. The Cooktown botanic gardens are a lovely start to the walk down to Finch Bay. It is fully accessible for both pushchairs and wheelchair users. The Cooktown Botanic gardens also have some lovely facilities you can enjoy whilst you’re there too.


Natures Powerhouse is a lovely café located just at the front of the Botanic gardens. It was busy when we were there, so we didn’t stop but we have been told by a few people that it’s worth a visit. Set in the Cooktown botanic gardens it is also very calm and peaceful.


The gardens are very well maintained and picturesque. We seem to have been there through the ‘sprinkler’ time. No matter which way we went we seemed to get caught in a sprinkler or too as they water the botanic gardens. The staff there who managed the gardens were very friendly and polite too.

As you walk through the gardens, you’ll find a gate at the back which you can go through and begin your walk to either Finch Bay or Cherry Tree Bay. From there it’s 600m to Finch Bay and 1.8km to Cherry Tree Bay (Each way).

The walk from Cooktown Botanic Gardens to Finch Bay

Once you walk through the gate it is no longer accessible to pushchair and wheelchair users. We left our pushchair at the gate and took the walk to Finch Bay. It is honestly well worth the short 600m walk. It was just stunning.

Once you walk through the gate it is no longer accessible to pushchair and wheelchair users. We left our pushchair at the gate and took the walk to Finch Bay. It is honestly well worth the short 600m walk. It was just stunning.

The path has been man-made so it consisted of lots of stairs and cobbles and sand. Yet we were surrounded by bush. Ava loves bush walks. She loves picking up sticks and finding stones and interesting looking leaves. No matter where we go, she is on the lookout for things to find.  We do have to be careful as she seems to keep finding the thick pieces of glass that she insists are ‘beautiful, sparkly stones!

There is a bench about halfway to Finch Bay if you want a break or a stop for a drink on route. Perfect stop with all those stairs!


Tours to Finch Bay

Whilst we were there, we met a few groups who said they were on tours. These groups specifically were visiting from Melbourne. With it being winter in Australia, Queensland is usually a good getaway destination for the southerners who are experiencing frost this time of year!

Ava stops almost everyone she passes and asks them ‘what’s going on?’ and ‘What’s your name?’. Most people are very friendly and stop to chat for a minute or two which Ava just loves!

Arriving at Finch Bay

You know you’re nearly there because the stairs begin to get a bit sandy and then in no time at all you reach ‘the sand’. We took our thongs off here and wondered round the corner to the bay.


I don’t think any of us were expecting the bay to be as stunning as it was and took us by surprise. With blue skies and really fine, soft, light sand this is somewhere you could normally spend some time and just enjoy the tranquillity of Finch Bay. Unfortunately, we were there on a windy day.

Some parts of the bay are a little sheltered from the wind as there are hills on both sides with some trees and some large boulders too. But if you’re not positioned in the right place then the sand can be quite uncomfortable on your ankles or even your eyes on occasions. This is of course no different to any other beach or bay.


The views at Finch Bay were well worth the walk. It really was very beautiful, calm, and peaceful.  If you choose the right day for the weather and pick up a good book, you’ll have a lovely time.  


Flying hats at Finch Bay

Whilst attempting to keep Ava out of the sea, I made the mistake of letting go of my hat. Which I love, so it was a rather sensitive subject for some time. In the same moment, a gust of wind came and blew it off my head into the sea! Then because Ava thought it was so funny, she threw hers into the air and that also blew into the sea. We spent the next few minutes running after our hats and then carrying our soggy, sandy hats back with us! Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed in the slightest and Richard thought the whole thing was somewhat funny, as would anyone else watching!

We tried to keep Ava out of the water as we hadn’t packed to go swimming. We hadn’t actually realised Finch Bay existed. It was only when we saw the walk sign posted we thought it would be good to give Ava a bit of exercise. But of course, in true 3 year old style she went running into the sea and soaked all her clothes!


The walk back to Cooktown Botanic Gardens from Finch Bay

The walk back is exactly the same route that you took to get to Finch Bay. So, you’ll know what to expect.

We bumped into another lady who had just done the walk to Cherry tree bay. With Ava that would have likely been too far for her to walk so we didn’t take that trip. But she did say it was another beautiful place, well worth the trip. Highly recommended.


Thank you so much for reading our blog on Cooktown Botanic Gardens and Finch Bay. If you get the chance to head there, we definitely recommend it. We all had a lovely time despite resulting in 2 soaking wet hats and a soggy child! Choose the right day and take your swimmers for a sunbathe and a little picnic. You’ll have a blast! (Be sure to check the waters are safe before swimming!)

Google maps linkt to Cooktown Botanic Gardens

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