Crystal Cascades Waterfalls, Cairns

The Crystal Cascades Waterfalls, near Cairns, are located around 20 minutes from the city. The road is bitumen all the way, so fully accessible to all vehicles. The Crystal Cascades are a beautiful attraction that can, on occasions get quite busy. So, you should take that into account when planning your trip. The Crystal Cascades waterfalls are free and you can park there as long as you need for the day. No overnight camping allowed though.

Facilities at the Crystal Cascades Waterfalls

The car park for the Crystal Cascades is easy to find and does have public toilets there. A water tap can also be found on your walk to the Crystal Cascades Waterfalls, after approximately 100m.

We went on a Thursday arvo and with Ava in tow. Took us around 30 minutes to walk from bottom to top. The walk is uphill all the way, but the path is fully pushchair and wheelchair accessible from the carpark all the way up to the final viewing flatform at the top of the Crystal Cascades Waterfalls. I would allow yourself between 1-2 hours for the trip depending on if you chose to swim or not.


The Crystal Cascades is a very beautiful walk

We really enjoyed the walk. It was a really good length for Ava to walk both up and down! Plus, you can see the Crystal Cascades Waterfall on your right, all the way up to the main viewing platform at the top. And on the left, there were a few small waterfalls coming down the cliffs under the path which were lovely too.

Princess chair at the Crystal Cascades Waterfall

We bumped into another family with 2 children. They were on their way down as we were still heading up and they gave Ava a bit of encouragement. They told her there was a ‘princess chair’ at the top!

After hearing that, Ava more or less ran to the top to find it. Unless you’re looking, you’ll easily miss it. Just opposite the viewing platform, there is a black rubbish bin, and just around the corner you’ll find what looks like a little throne.

Well, Ava was in her element and still talks about this chair now! It was the highlight of her trip to the Crystal Cascade Waterfalls. So, if you have any children or just fancy a look yourself, make sure you remember to look for it!

The path does carry on up a bit further past the viewing platform. But there is a locked gate which is restricted access. The viewing platform is the furthest you can go.

Several swim holes at the Crystal Cascades

At different areas of the Crystal Cascades you’ll find different places to stop and swim. They all looked very nice and refreshing! But there is also a swim hole at the top of the waterfall. You can access this from the stairs at the main viewing platform. The stairs lead you to lots of large rocks you need to walk over to get to the swimming hole, but at that point I wish we had brought our bathers! The general consensus was that the water was cool, but very refreshing!

There were a handful of people swimming, some just taking in the views from the rocks and a couple just chilled, reading a book. If you’d rather not sit down on the rocks but fancy spending a bit of time there, take a couple of chairs and a picnic!

There is more than enough room on the viewing platform.


We wish we took our bathers to the Crystal Cascades

We chose not to swim in the Crystal Cascades (despite regretting that decision when we were actually there) and so, we climbed around the rocks, dipped our feet in the little water pools between the rocks. And spent a bit of time sat on the rocks taking in the views and chatting to a few others that were there.

Ava is such a climber and spent most of the time just climbing backwards and forwards over all the rocks, jumping in the small water holes. Ava took a bit of persuading to leave so it was a winner for her too!

The view of the Crystal Cascades from the top viewing platform was so beautiful. To your left is the beautiful waterfall with the swim hole at the bottom and then to your right you’ll see the water running down and the rainforest around you. It’s a very peaceful and calming place and highly recommended.


Thank you so much for reading my blog on the Crystal Cascades waterfalls, near Cairns. We had such a lovely time and highly recommend visiting. The views are beautiful throughout the whole walk. It’s a perfect length if you have any little ones and you have several spots to cool off! So, don’t forget your bathers and even a spot of lunch!


Google Maps link to Crystal Cascades

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