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Flagstaff Hill Walk to 4 Mile beach lookout, Port Douglas

The highlight of our day in Port Douglas was the time we spent at Rex Smeal park and the Flagstaff Hill walk to 4 mile beach lookout, Port Douglas.

We had a bit of an overcast day which for us was fine as we were outside for a lot of the day. The wind picked up here and there, but it wasn’t enough to be a problem. Ava had a blast, running around and playing with other children for hours before taking the Flagstaff hill walk to the 4 mile beach lookout.

@twoandahalfpoms Port Douglas. Not the sunniest day & a bit windy - but we still had a good time at the park & on the bushwalk round to 4 mile beach lookout 👌😁 ... #waves #ocean #beachlife #ontheroad #traveloz #australia #aussietour #caravantravel #lifeontheroad #travellingwithkids #qld #fnq #queensland #views #bushwalk #portdouglas #4milebeach #lotsofstairs #windyday ♬ Lights - Single Version - Ellie Goulding

Rex Smeal Park

Rex Smeal Park in Port Douglas was truly awesome. It wasn’t enclosed, but it was based in a field overlooking the sea.

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Richard and I took our chairs with us and sat next to the park doing some work. Whilst we were working, Ava played in the park with the other children. From building leaf piles, to climbing trees and running around the park. She spent around 2 hours playing before finding a couple of guys playing football. Of course, Ava wanted to play too!

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For a good half hour Ava was playing a kid’s version of ‘pass the ball’ with these guys which was really nice. The guys did everything they could to include her in their game. Think they were quite impressed with her aim!

Rex Smeal Park Features and Amenities

The park and it’s surroundings really are very beautiful. It’s located just perfectly to watch the day go by with the water in the background and you can watch your child play whilst taking in all the views.

Rex Smeal Park also has other features and amenities which made the park even better for families, plus there is a large free car park on its doorstep. The park was quite busy yet there were still loads of free parking available.

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The toilets and sinks were very clean and well stocked with toilet roll and hand soap. BBQ and picnic facilities were available and looked clean and tidy also. Some of the tables were shaded and others not so much. It would be the perfect place for a family / friends get together.

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Flagstaff hill walk to the 4 mile beach lookout

The Flagstaff Hill walk to the 4 mile beach lookout begins right next to Rex Smeal Park. Flagstaff hill walk is just over 1km long each way, perfect for kids providing they can walk that distance. Unfortunately, the walk is not accessible for pushchairs or wheelchairs as it’s more of a bush walk.

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The walk is hilly, including lots of steps and some very steep areas. (I wouldn’t be keen to walk it if it was too wet). On our return trip, Ava had started to get a bit tired, hungry, and cranky, I guess 2.5hrs in the park before the walk was a little too much! So, I carried her around half of the way back. I slipped and fell over whilst holding Ava, luckily nothing too damaging, bit of bruising. Ava was fine.

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Just goes to show, even in the dry weather and being very careful knowing I was holding my daughter, we still managed to fall! There are a few benches around, so we did sit down for a few minutes before continuing.

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Beautiful scenery throughout the walk

Along the way there are lots of things to see and do. From climbing on the rocks next to the water, to taking in the views at the viewpoints / lookouts. Some great spots to take a few pictures! We spent a few minutes climbing the rocks and taking in the tranquil views of the water, plus we took plenty of photos of the views from the viewpoints. There are a couple with lookout platforms which are worth a stop too.

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Keep an eye on any little ones though, occasionally there are some open cliff edges I wouldn’t have liked any of us to fall down!

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Once you reach the end you can just walk down the stairs onto 4 mile beach, however it was a little windy for us. We turned around and headed back to the car to go and get some lunch.

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Lunch in Port Douglas

After spending all morning running around, we were are hungry, I had been craving a Dominos for at least a week. We got to Dominos in Port Douglas at around 1.50pm to find the shop didn’t open until 3! Who has lunch at 3pm! Well, that day, we did!

We spent an hour doing a bit of shopping and having a look around the main high street (Macrossan street) bought a few bits and then headed back for lunch.

Thank you so much for reading my blog on Flagstaff Hill Walk to 4 Mile Beach Lookout, Port Douglas. We had a great time and Ava had spent so much time running around she slept exceptionally well that night! Rex Smeal Park and Flagstaff hill walk to 4 mile beach lookout was definitely the highlight of our time in Port Douglas. If you get the chance, make sure you head over and check it out!

‘til next time…

Google Maps link to Rex Smeal Park and the start of the Flagstaff Hill Walk

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