Innot Hot Springs, Far North Queensland

Innot hot springs, Far north Queensland is located between Ravenshoe and Mount Garnet and makes a lovely day out for you and your family. The Innot hot springs are located in the Atherton Tablelands and are naturally heated geothermic pools on the Nettle Creek.

Even better, the hot springs are free to visit! So, if you’re looking for free things to do around Atherton, more specifically the Tablelands area, look no further!

The History of Innot Hot Springs

Most places you visit in Australia have Aboriginal history. The hoghly popular Innot hot springs are no exception, The Mamu people believe the springs were created in the Dreamtime, when a large turtle had a hot stone put in her stomach. It then raced out of the sea, inland, to this exact spot to warm the waters.

They were discovered back in the 1870’s by John Atherton. It was believed the springs had therapeutic benefits obtained through both bathing and drinking the water. This led to the water being bottled up and sent to Europe as a health treatment in the 1900’s.

Today, Innot hot springs are mostly used to relax! So here is some useful information to help you plan your day or even your trip if you plan to stop overnight!


How to find Innot hot springs

Innot hot springs is located in the Atherton Tablelands region of Far North Queensland (approx. 153km south west of Cairns). Straight off the Kennedy highway in a little town called Innot.

Here is the Google Maps link which will take you straight to the Innot Hot Springs car park.

When you arrive you’ll be greeted with a large car park just outside of the caravan park next door. You can park here for as long as you wish. You’ll just need to walk a few metres down the bank and you’ll arrive at Nettle Creek where you can relax in the beautiful springs.

Somewhere to stay overnight

There is a caravan park just metres away from the creek. However, you do not necessarily need to head to the creek to experience the hot springs if you stay here ast`he caravan park features hot pools. Theyuse the hot spring water and the pools are kept at a range of temperatures to suit everyone.

The park appears to be very reasonable priced, check it out here on Wikicamps.

If you decide you’d like to use their pools without staying overnight, then you can also purchase a wristband. If the reception team are not there, as they finish around 2.30pm, then you can purchase these at the pub. If I was you though, I’d be trying to get there early to make a day of it. You can still pop out for lunch etc and go back in the afternoon. Afterall that’s what the wristbands are for!

What to expect at Innot hot springs

Innot hot springs is nice, however, there were a few things that I wish we knew before we went. Had we known these things then we would probably have had a nicer time. We were not aware we could even head into the caravan park to use the hot pools when we spent our time there. It was once we had returned to our camp, and we spoke to some of our neighbours about it, we found out this information – which would have been handy to know beforehand.


Rocky Sand

The sand by the creek isn’t quite what you’d expect, well I didn’t think so anyway. I thought it would be nice soft, fine sand. However, this wasn’t the case. It almost wasn’t sand at all. It was rocky & pebbley. It didn’t feel too nice to sit in for too long in a bikini / swimsuit. Had I known this I probably would have worn some cycling shorts or something to cover my skin, so it was more comfortable to sit on.

Take a spade

You absolutely need to take some kind of spade to dig yourself a pool. We didn’t take one and lucky there had been enough people there that day, there were a few pools already good to go. The temperature of the pools change considerably the longer they are there, depending on how much of the creek vs the springs are going in. Be sure to check the tempetature before jumping straight in!

Temperature of the Innot hot springs

The temperature of Nettle Creek is surprisingly fresh considering how hot the springs get. When you dig the pools the water comes up pretty hot. To make it cooler, you’ll need to dig a little trench to the creek so the cool water can flow in.

The temperature of the pools varies considerably. From cold to literally boiling hot. Make sure you check the pool every time before allowing yourself, children, or even pets in them. The temperature changes so often you can never be sure it is okay without checking first.

You must be so careful wherever you are both on the sand or in the water. The sand can also burn the bottoms of your feet if you stand in the wrong place. Keep shoes on where you can, and I recommend proper water shoes for kids. Something we should have taken for Ava!



Despite how careful we were with checking the pools before Ava went into them and explaining to her on many occasions that some of them are so hot so she cannot just jump in. She went to check the temperature with her toe and stood too close, she slipped down the side of the sand and into a very hot pool. I picked her straight up and popped her straight into the creek. Luckily, it seemed she was in more of a shock at how hot the water was rather than actually burning herself!

So please be careful with children and pets. Dogs are allowed there. This wasn’t the hottest pool there and could have been worse had she fallen into an even hotter pool.

Plan your day to the Innot Hot Springs

We popped down to the springs for a bit in the afternoon and spent around an hour there. It was fairly busy but enough space for everyone. There are no facilities or amenities there so get your swimmers on before you go. We also didn’t see any toilets there either. Just something to bear in mind before you go.


Thank you so much for reading my blog on the Innot not springs. It’s absolutely worth the visit but if I was to do it again, I would purchase the wristband for the Innot hot Springs caravan park or stay in the park overnight to use the pools. I think this would have been a much better experience for us. I hope you took some useful information away from my blog to help you plan your trip / stay to the Innot Hot Springs, Atherton Tablelands, Far North Queensland.


‘til next time…

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