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We spent the afternoon at Josephine falls after spending the morning visiting Clamshell Falls. Josephine falls was a great stop for lunch as it has great facilities and we easily found a picnic table to sit at. The facilities were better than most other waterfalls we had visited in the area!

Ava was already tired after her very strenuous walk in the morning, yet she still managed Josephine Falls.

Josephine Falls is located 75km south of Cairns, just south of Babinda. Babinda would be a perfect place to stay if you’re camping. Take a look at my blog on Babinda Boulders and free camping area for details on this perfect free camp! You can also have a look around the Babinda Boulders whilst you’re there!

What to expect at Josephine falls

Josephine falls is a fantastic lunchtime stop. Take a look at my ‘facilities at Josephine falls’ section of the blog to see why!

The walk to the falls is really nice. You walk through the forest on a very well maintained bitumen path. The walk is fully accessible however, to get to a couple of the viewpoints you would need to take a few sets of stairs. There are three different viewpoints and all of them are somewhat unique when it comes to the view.


There are some benches dotted around for you to take a break if needed. The walk to the falls really wasn’t far. Maybe a few hundred metres from the carpark. But they make a lovely spot to sit and relax for a few minutes before continuing your walk!

The Viewpoints!

This viewpoint at the top was my favourite. This one had a lovely enclosed area with railings which you can see the falls directly in front of you. There is enough space there for quite a few people so you shouldn’t need to worry about it being too busy.


The second viewpoint is located just a little further down the waterfall. You cannot see the falls from there but you can see the water cascading over the rocks towards the swim hole. It is lovely to watch.


The last view point is located at the swim hole. You can enter the rocks through a gate and have a swim. There were a few people in there when we visited. I don’t recall seeing any signs to warn against swimming there and the water looked very calm. We all had a wonder around the rocks before heading back to the car. Just keep in mind the rocks do get a little slippery when they are wet.


Parking at Josephine Falls

Parking at Josephine falls was really easy. There was plenty of space with the majority of the parking being 45 degree parking bays. On the other side of the road we also noticed there were a few larger rigs parked along the side of the road. It looked like there was plenty of space, however likely you’d only get a couple of really large rigs in there.

Facilities at Josephine Falls

The facilities at Josephine falls were second to none. They covered everything there! See below the facilities that were available at Josephine falls to help you plan your day out:

  • Toilet block is located just to the left of the carpark. The toilets were very clean and tidy. Well stocked!
  • Picnic tables were located just towards the top of the car park. Some are shaded and others not, so you can get yourself out of the sun or rain if you need to, to enjoy your food. This was a great lunch spot. We also took Ava some snacks to the falls, and she had a sit down at one of the viewpoints and had a snack.
  • Gas BBQ was situated just next to the picnic tables. Very well looked after and clean.

Golden Hole

Golden hole is located a very short drive from Josephine Falls. So, it is definitely worth visiting both if you have the time. Golden hole is a lovely water hole located next to a large, very well maintained field.
The field consisted of a picnic table, and some very picturesque rocks. Ava spent quite a bit of time climbing around, on and off the rocks.
The water hole is lovely to look at, although I don’t believe it is safe to swim in. Again, this is another lovely picnic spot. Easy access and lots of parking. Worth a look for sure.


Thank you very much for reading my blog Josephine Falls, I hope this blog gives you enough information to plan your day. We absolutely recommend taking a look. Again, Babinda Boulders is a fantastic place to stop overnight, and you can check out the boulders whilst you’re there. Maybe even have a swim if you get some good weather!

‘til next time…

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