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Moving to Australia

We went traveling as a couple, just the 2 of us, back in 2017. The majority, about 10 months, in Australia. However, we did also travel around South East Asia either side of that. We returned to the UK when we fell pregnant with our daughter Ava. It was when we returned, we realised our love for the Aussie life. Life in Australia in our opinion, is just more relaxed, outdoorsy, friendly and sociable.

We constantly discussed moving for around a year and be confident it was the right choice and actually start the process. However, moving to Australia was absolutely the right decision for our family.

Most people who have ever looked into it will tell you that moving to Australia is not an easy task. They would be right! Australia’s skilled visas work on a points-based system, if you don’t meet the required points with a skill they need, you are not able to apply, simple as that. We applied using my skill as a Hairdresser / Barber and Richard and Ava came as my De Facto and Dependant.

The process of moving to Australia

The process of moving to Australia is daunting and full on. From skills assessments to English tests to submitting your Expression of Interest(s). You’ll need to be so on the ball with what each state is doing in terms of entry requirements, when they are or are not open to apply etc.

Deciding to use an agency was the right choice for us, this was because they already have all the experience and knowledge, we searched through many different agencies and made our final decision based on an initial consultation and other customer reviews.  

So, after starting the process in November 2019 we finally made the move to Australia in March 2022! Despite the process for almost everyone being so lengthy, our wait was mostly due to the Covid pandemic. Australia of course stopped processing anything and all the states closed their borders and closed for applications, for almost 2 years! As a Barber and a Personal Trainer our jobs in the UK were put on hold, so we had to just sit and wait for normal life to resume before our move to Australia could even be in sight.


Sell up and fly to Australia!

After a few hectic weeks of sorting the house, putting it up for sale and finding a buyer, we left the UK! We flew with Qatar Airways who I have to say they were fantastic in terms of the flight times, flight path and just how good they were with children. We only had an hour layover in Doha (Qatar) which meant we arrived at bedtime which was great for our 3 year old, Ava! Ava almost instantly climatised to the new time zone whereas, Richard and I struggled for about a week!

Arriving in Australia

We arrived in Sydney and spent just under 3 weeks with family on the Central Coast. This gave us some time to get a car etc. The plan of moving to Australia was also to purchase a caravan to travel the country, but neither finding the car or the caravan was an easy task.

There is around a 9-12 month wait for new ones and second-hand ones are being sold within hours. Plus, second hand caravans are around the same price as a new one due to the demand. We had a similar problem with the car. There wasn’t many of them around and the ones that are seemed to be super inflated.

We did eventually purchase a lovely Blue Toyota Hilux which we are super happy with. We have just this last week purchased a Jayco Journey Outback Caravan which we are in love with. We are keen to get on the road and see the beautiful Australian scenery.


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