Rocky Creek War Memorial Park Low Cost Camp

Rocky Creek War Memorial Park low cost camp, was a somewhat unexpected lovely stop. A lovely camping space, a short, bush walk to Barney Springs and finally the beautiful war memorial located just a stone throw away! This is a ‘low cost’ campsite as it is a donation camp. The donations help keep the park maintained. $5 per night is the requested donation.

The history of Rocky Creek War Memorial Park

Rocky Creek was home to the largest military hospital in the southern hemisphere. The hospital consisted of 40 buildings of which, each had a capacity of 60 patients! 

The war memorial situated there began in 1995, where the first plaques occurred on Victory in the Pacific Day. Now, the park consists of many plaques and poppies and also stones in remembering army regiments who served.


The war memorial at Rocky Creek is an interesting read and is educational. If you do head to this free camp, be sure to check it out. It’s right by the amenities!

Rocky Creek War Memorial Low Cost Camp

The campsite itself, we thought was perfect. It is a very large field, so you never feel too close to anyone else. It’s also a grassy field which is our favourite, we are not a huge fan of gravel, slab sites as Ava loves to play and the grass is so much nicer on your feet!


You are expected to be self-contained. There are toilets there, however these are locked at night. So, a toilet is essential along with a shower to be able to stay. I make the assumption this is the reason tents, campervans and camper trailers are not allowed to stay at this site. Black and grey water is not allowed to be dumped there either so must all go into a tank/ cassette etc and taken away with you.

The max stay at Rocky Creek memorial free camp is 3 nights. A camp host comes round when you arrive and gives you the relevant paperwork to fill in and sign to register your vehicles. It mainly covers the date of your arrival and rules of the campsite. The maximum stay is 3 nights, however, we had to be in Cairns for an appointment, so we only stayed 2 nights before moving on.

Rocky Creek does get boggy!

Our last night at Rocky Creek Memorial Park free camp, we experienced so much rain! It actually woke us up a few times in the night with the noise on the roof of the caravan.

When we woke up in the morning to pack up, it was still raining! And to get back out we had to put the car in low ratio 4×4 due to the ground being so boggy. We might have made it with just normal 4×4 but didn’t want to take the risk and rolled out, slow and steady, without issue. We did hear of other motor homes who had to be towed out! We were parked on a bit of a slope and right at the back of the field, so it was to be expected!

The low cost camp is located just off the side of the road, however, as the field is so big, you can park up at the back and be far enough from the road. This is what we did, mainly to keep Ava away from the road. It’s not a busy road and we weren’t kept up by any traffic noise.

Walk to Barney Springs

There is a lovely walk just behind the Rocky Creek low cost camp which takes you to Barney Springs. The walk wasn’t very far but it was a lovely place to explore.


Some of the walk is a dirt track and other parts are over some grass which has not been mowed. However, enough people have walked it so there is still a trail! When we went there were orange ribbons throughout the walk to keep you on track. This was helpful to find our way back too.


The walk isn’t wheelchair or pushchair accessible but again, it isn’t far if you were to pop your little one in a carrier.

What is there to see at Barney Springs?


Barney Springs is a lovely little spot with some water, lots of trees and if you walk further down there is also a little waterfall. Do not attempt to go and see the waterfall with children. Even for adults it is very dangerous, especially if wet. There is no barrier, just a cliff edge which is all muddy and covered in leaves.  


Ava spent a lot of time climbing trees and pretending to fish in the water. Lots of things there for little imaginations!

For one reason or another Ava wasn’t overly keen on walking back so sat on the floor until I picked her up! More than likely because she had spent the whole morning running around and playing footie with our friends who were parked just next door! Luckily, we didn’t have far to go!


Thank you for reading my blog on Rocky Creek war memorial park low cost camp. Overall it was a lovely place. It had a friendly atmosphere, nice surroundings and the walk to Barney Springs was good to just get out for a couple hours during the day. We would definitely recommend this low cost camp and possibly even stop there again sometime. Remember to leave your donation in the donation box before you leave. This really does help keep up the maintenance of the memorial park.


‘til next time…

Google Maps link to Rocky Creek War Memorial Park Free Camp

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