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Stanage Bay Camping Area

Wow, What a beautiful location to free camp. The views at Stanage Bay Camping Area are stunning. The Bay isn’t all that big (The bay in front of the campsite is likely around a Kilometre long), but it’s perfect to get your steps in.

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Facing Northeast means a beautiful sunrise too! So, if you’re an early riser you’ll need to get yourself down to the beach for an early morning stroll, you’ll not be disappointed. In the time we were there I went for a few walks and runs up and down Stanage bay beach at around 6.15am just as the sun was rising. So, I can say first hand how beautiful the sunrise was.

How accessible is Stanage Bay Camping Area?

The drive into Stanage Bay from the main highway was quite a trip! We knew about 100km of the drive would be corrugated road. With our offroad caravan we were only able to do between 40kph and 60kph. The trip was a lot longer than what google maps suggested for us (due to towing), luckily we were just about prepared for this.

Just before you start the corrugated road, there is a large layby on the left hand side which is a great place to stop and deflate your tyres. This was the first time we had needed to do this, so it was all a bit of a learning curve for us. We deflated both the car and caravan tyres to 25psi which seemed fine for the road. It took us around 20 minutes.

We were most disappointed when we drove onto bitumen again after around 2km. Thinking the reviews we read advising people to deflate tyres were possibly a little over the top! Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. The bitumen didn’t last long and we were back on the corrugated road – and very pleased we had deflated the tyres! Everything in the caravan was in one piece upon arrival which was a great surprise!

Caravans are not recommended at Stanage Bay Camping Area

I must emphasise that Stanage Bay camping Area does not recommend bringing a caravan at all. However, people had posted some images onto Wikicamps which we saw when we were researching the camping area and they featured caravans!

Knowing there are other, more accessible campsites down the road if we couldn’t get in, we took the chance. we parked up on the road and walked in to take a look first. I would recommend doing this anyway. You never know what it looks like inside and you don’t want to get stuck!

Going to places that are a little more remote, bushes could be too overgrown, or you may find there is no available space. At Stanage Bay Camping area specifically, once you’re in, you’re in and you’d have to go out the other side which is even more narrow, there is nowhere to turn around if it’s full. Luckily, on our visit, the greenery was tidy. However, it still touched both the caravan and Ute on the way in.

Don’t forget the height of your vehicle, I actually had to get on the roof of the caravan to hold a large tree branch out of the way, so it didn’t damage our air con unit! We obviously underestimated the height of our van when we walked in to take a look! There were other caravans also there, but they were smaller in general and managed to get a space closer to the entrance.

Arrive Early to Stanage Bay!

We arrived on a Saturday lunch time and took the last available site (no where near the entrance!); it does get busy and as there is no limit on how long you can stay. It’s only a short walk so taking a look would absolutely be my advice before taking your vehicles down there. Oh, and get that mozzie repellent on first!

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Mosquitos at Stanage Bay Camping Area

Unfortunately, mosquitos at Stanage Bay camping area are very bad. Possibly one of the worst places we have been for them and for me, this is usually a deal breaker. On the beach with the sea breeze, you’ll occasionally get the odd one. However, at the camping sites you’ll be constantly swatting them off. They get really annoying! We found repellent decreases them massively but doesn’t ever seem to clear them completely.

For us to enjoy the 6 days we put up our heat shield tent (It’s nothing but a mozzie tent to us). It’s a 3×3 metre tent which was worth every cent on this trip! We used the tent for literally everything. It’s also perfect to stop our daughter wondering around like she usually does. It’s big enough for her to have a few toys, puzzles etc and stay in the one place.  If we weren’t in the caravan or on the beach, we were sat in our mozzie tent.

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We also try to keep ourselves fit whilst travelling too so as our Mozzie tent is such a good size, we were able to work out in there with our resistance bands which avoided the bugs altogether! It was also perfect to not lay directly on sand. There are lots of trees and lots of shade, which is fab but not so great for our solar panels.

We managed to park in such a way that meant we had no shade on the top of the van for most of the day. The trees do drop spikey bits onto the ground which really hurt if you stand on them, so our tent helped avoid these too. So, make sure you wear your thongs (or shoes) to walk to the beach despite it literally being a stone’s throw away!

Facilities and Amenities at Stanage Bay Camping Area

It’s simple, there almost no facilities and amenities at Stanage Bay Camping Area. No toilets, Showers or drinking water so you must be self-contained. You are allowed to put your grey water into the trees but of course be mindful of the beach area/ access and of course other people’s sites.

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There is a boat ramp situated around 5 minutes down the road. Just past the shop and servo! Yes, there is only 1 of each, you really can’t go wrong!

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Dogs are allowed at Stanage Bay Camping area. You should bear in mind, at certain times of the year, you may find crocs and stingers in the water so make sure you do your research first! It’s so important to be aware of the dangers in the water.

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The water at Stanage bay is interesting. When it’s high tide the water gets to knee height very quickly, yet at low tide you can be ankle deep for a long way out. So, kids are definitely safer at low tide to splash about!

There are Rocky areas at the end of the bay on both sides and then you can see the lookout from the bay which is up the hill on the right. Generally, the beach is very clean and tidy and it looks as though everyone takes care and takes their rubbish away. That being said, our daughter did stand on a bit of broken glass bottle by some rocks so do be careful especially with children. Water shoes are always a sensible option!

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Mobile reception at Stanage Bay Camping Area

The mobile reception at Stanage bay Camping Area was surprising to us. We couldn’t believe that the mobile reception could be so good in such a remote location. We had between 2 and 4 bars of 4G the whole time we were there! We were able to do some work, keep in touch with family and friends. Even video calls were clear!

Thank you so much for reading my blog on Stanage Bay Camping Area. It really was a beautiful spot if you can find a way to deal with the mosquitos. However, if you don’t feel you can bring your van down here to this site, there is another free camp next to the boat ramp or there’s always the tent set up!

Google Maps to Stanage Bay Free Camping Area – This isn’t easy to find using google maps without using the link here. 

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