Waterfall Circuit – Millaa Millaa, Zillie & Ellinjaa Falls

Millaa Millaa Waterfall, Zillie Falls and Ellinjaa Falls are all along waterfall circuit which is within the Wooroonooran national park (4886). Waterfall circuit is a beautiful rural drive with stunning views and is a full loop from Millaa Millaa.

I will aim to give you as much useful information, hints and tips for all three of the waterfalls on waterfall circuit. This will certainly help you plan your day. To begin with, you should know all the waterfalls and the parking at each attraction are free. We took a packed lunch and other than a bit of fuel, we didn’t spend a cent! So in other words, you are about to plan a free day out around some of the most beautiful waterfalls on the East coast!

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Millaa Millaa Waterfall


Parking at Millaa Millaa Waterfall

Millaa Millaa waterfall, in my opinion, has to have the worst car park of the three falls we visited on waterfall drive. Well, at least it was when we arrived. There is no space for large rigs within this car park. Motor homes should be okay as the spaces were normal size, however, when busy, people park all over the place. The car park was very busy, and we had to wait for a space, a small carpark and a narrow road in. There were spaces for around 15 cars. However, Millaa Millaa waterfall was one of the busiest waterfalls of the three on waterfall drive. Luckily the waterfall was just a couple hundred metres from the car park, so people were not parked for too long.

There is a bus parking area which also had disabled parking available there too. There were cars towing caravans parked there also. I am not sure if that is allowed, but large rigs did seem to park there.


Millaa Millaa Waterfall

Millaa Millaa Waterfall is located just a couple hundred metres from the car park. The walk to the waterfall is not bitumen and is therefore not wheelchair or pushchair accessible. As you get to the waterfall you are greeted with 2 viewing points. One viewpoint is a platform with railings and the other is right next to the swim hole and the base of the waterfall..

It appeared Millaa Millaa Waterfall is a popular destination for tours. There were a few tour buses there, so it was quite busy. They didn’t stop for long; we waited for them to take their photos and took ours after when it had quietened down a little.

It is a long, thin waterfall, falls from a great height. Very picturesque with the trees and forest surroundings, and there is a beautiful swim hole at the bottom which is safe to swim. Although, there were no swimmers there when we visited as it was a little fresh and overcast! I imagine on a beautiful hot day; this is a great place for a swim and a picnic!


Facilities and Features at Millaa Millaa Waterfall

I was actually quite impressed with the facilities and features at Millaa Millaa Waterfall. We like a walk, but when you’re seeing a few things in one day sometimes having the car park just a couple of minutes walk from the attraction is actually really handy.


Down by the waterfall (next to the bus parking) there were both toilets and changing rooms. The facilities are very well kitted out for people to come and spend a good part of the day. With Picnic tables and benches also available which were shaded to keep you out of the sun. If that gets too busy or you fancy sitting a bit closer to the falls, you could always sit on the small grassy hill just behind the bottom viewpoint. Just don’t forget your picnic blanket!

Zillie Falls


Parking at Zillie Falls

Parking at Zillie falls was super easy. Again, not a huge car park but it was much much quieter than Millaa Millaa Waterfall. The car park is situated the opposite side of the road to the walk to Zillie Falls. It can obviously be easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. We saw a car drive straight past before realising and turning back. Just watch the kids crossing the road. It can get a little busy at times.

The walk to Zillie Falls

Zillie Falls is located just a couple of hundred metres from the car park. The walk is not bitumen and is not wheelchair or pushchair accessible. Unfortunately, there is no other access to Zillie falls other than this walking route.

The path is a dirt path and at times became quite rocky and some of the rocks were quite slippery as they were wet. We were extremely careful with Ava walking down to the falls as there are also cliff edges, so you need to be so careful. I wish I had taken Ava’s reigns as extra security, but I didn’t think about it at the time. We made sure she held our hand throughout the whole walk.


Zillie Falls

Zillie Falls is beautiful, but I wasn’t overly comfortable with the main view point, where you are stood directly in front of the waterfall. It was a very small piece of dirt to stand on next to a large boulder, and you are stood on a tiny platform (Barely enough space for more than 1 person) and this was a cliff edge. There were 2 viewpoints, one looking at the falls from the top which was much safer and the other from a little further down which looks at the falls from the front.


The first viewpoint was positioned to watch the water from the top falling from the edge. This viewpoint was really good as it had railings around the edge so no one could fall off! Ava loved watching the view from here. It’s always nice for the kids to see the waterfall from different places so they can really see what is going on, where the water is coming from etc.

As we walked down to the main viewpoint (which is the one I explained above) We explained to Ava that she must sit down, sensibly on the Rock as we really didn’t feel safe with her there. She was able to see everything from there and meant she wasn’t quite so close to the edge. I wish I had taken a photo of the platform so you could see better.


Facilities at Zillie Falls

Zillie Falls is a very beautiful waterfall but as a lot of beautiful spots in nature, it does lack facilities. There were no facilities at all, so for anyone too desperate it’s a bush wee only I’m afraid!

Ellinjaa Falls


This was probably my favourite on this waterfall drive. The waterfall was fantastic and there were lots of rocks to climb over at the bottom if you wanted a closer look. As much as it was quiet whilst we were there, I believe the bottom of the waterfall is a swimming hole. You’d just need to climb over a few ricks to get to it!

Parking at Ellinjaa Falls

The Car park at Ellinjaa Falls wasn’t overly big, however, it is big enough for maybe 10 cars or so. Around the car park were some Picnic benches and bins. We had a bit of lunch there before getting back in the car.

The walk to Ellinjaa falls

The walk to Ellinjaa falls from the car park was pretty easy. It’s more of a dirt path and does have some shallow steps. It is not bitumen and it is not wheelchair or pushchair accessible. The walk was only a few hundred metres each way from the car park which we found to be very easy to find.


Ellinjaa Falls

Ellinja falls was awesome for us. Having a little climber in tow meant the rocks at the bottom of the waterfall was a huge hit! The rocks are slippery and Ava did slip and hurt her foot. Luckily, she wasn’t bothered for too long and continued to enjoy climbing around the rocks and exploring the water. But definitely something you should bear in mind.

There were a few people at the falls when we arrived. Elinjaa falls are very beautiful including the surroundings and were worth the visit for sure.


Waterfall Circuit

Generally, most people you see at the first waterfall you visit on the drive you’ll see at all the others. We found we walked past the same people from waterfall to waterfall. Waterfall Circuit is a loop and you start and finish at Millaa Millaa.

Millaa Milla a good place to stop for fuel for us as the diesel was the most competitive locally which was great. We stopped at Tobins Store.

We had a very lovely day viewing the waterfalls. Some great sights to see and great people to meet. Take yourself a picnic and enjoy the day around waterfall Circuit.

‘til next time…


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