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Wuruma Dam Camping Area

Wuruma Dam is located West of Bundaberg, 48km North of Eidsvold. We spent a week in Wuruma Dam camping area on our way north towards Rockampton. And I have to say, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

The camping area was clean, tidy and spacious. The sites are all marked with bollards, so the boundaries are very clear. You are, however, likely to need your levellers if you’re setting up at the front. (Closest to the dam) as the ground is a little more uneven – the sites set further back are flatter. You should be ok for a space as despite not needing to book, there were more than 20 sites.

The area is well kept with the grass being short & bushes trimmed back. You are also allowed to run your grey water straight into the grass/ trees, avoiding having to be fully self-contained. It’s a lovely green area!

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How accessible is Wuruma Dam Camping Area?

The site is accessible to pretty much any vehicle. We have a 19.6ft caravan towed by our Hiliux and we had no problems at all. There were also other much larger vehicles that us traveling in. Many towing boats.

During our week here, we spent a couple of days on the dam – stand up paddleboarding, fishing and just enjoying the beautiful tranquil views of Wuruma Dam. A couple of campers use the Dam to fish for Red Claw which appeared to be very successful!  The boat ramp Is located less than 10 minutes down the road. (Just by the old camping area which is no longer allowed to be used for camping) Watch out for the Kangaroos and the Cows! They’re dotted about around that area. There is plenty of parking down at the boat ramp and there are no vessel restrictions on Wuruma Dam giving you nothing to worry about!

The road leading to the boat ramp is a dirt road, It’s not a 4WD only track but it is corrugated. I have attached a video below of our route to the boat ramp and us paddle boarding on the dam.

Amenities and facilities at Wuruma Dam camping area

Wuruma Dam Camping Area has some very beautiful views. Views of Wuruma Dam are just fantastic from the Camping area which is located at the top of the hill. You may be greeted by the local herd of cows but be warned, number 78 is a tad aggressive and should be avoided! Many of the campers kept a big stick or broom to hand!

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Wuruma Dam Camping Area 1

The amenities block (Toilets) was clean and tidy enough but were probably a couple hundred metres from the camping sites. We made the mistake of parking under a few trees so the solar was not fantastic for charging the batteries on the van (Rookie Error!). That being said, we still managed a week no problem.

There are water taps located around the campground, but this is not drinking water! I believe it comes straight from Wuruma Dam and is a little on the green side! More than enough bins are provided along the road (next to the amenities block).

There are a couple of picnic tables in the shade, but no BBQ’s. Fires are prohibited at Wuruma Dam camping area.  

Wuruma Dam Camping Area 3

Jamie comes round 3 times a week with necessities for you to purchase as you wish, it all seemed reasonably priced too. He has water, fuel and other general supplies. He also offers a service where you can pre-order pretty much anything you want, and he will deliver it for a small delivery fee. We ran out of charge on our toothbrush and hadn’t yet purchased our inverter! So, we bought toothbrushes from him. He usually comes around 3 times a week so be sure to keep your eyes peeled if you need anything!

Mobile reception at Wuruma Dam camping area

Mobile reception at Wuruma Dam camping area is a little sketchy. You’ll just about get enough signal to send a message or an email but that also depends on where you are situated in the camping area. If you head towards the building opposite the toilets, you’ll find your reception will improve greatly but I’m afraid it’s still very unlikely you’ll be able to video call!

Wuruma Dam Camping Area 2

Overall, I have to say we had a fab time here at Waruma Dam camping area, the people there were so friendly and we made some new friends which was really lovely. There weren’t any other children there for our daughter to play with. This I’m sure will appeal to some people looking to visit! And as you can stay up to 3 weeks you don’t have to feel rushed at all.

The weather treated us very well and we had glorious sunshine most of the week. Our caravan was certainly a blessing. The only thing I would say is like most places by the water, there were a few mosquitos around in the late afternoon, but nothing a bit of repellent can’t solve.

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Below is a Google Maps link which will take you straight to the new Wuruma Dam Camping Area. (Google currently still takes you to the old campground)

Wuruma Dam Camping area

Thank you for reading my blog on Waruma Dam Camping Area, If you’ve been before or plan to visit please do let us know how you got on in our comments section below! Also, if you have any questions please do contact us! 


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